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Our Services

Electrician in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

Call Campbell Electric Service at (215) 548-0919 to speak to an electrician. We provide residential and commercial electrical work in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at affordable rates.

Quality Service for You

When you contact us for an electrician, know that you are working with an electrician that is honest, dependable and possesses more than 20 years of experience in providing electrical work. Our company looks forward to helping you.

Doorbell Installation and Repair in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We provide installation and repair of doorbell systems so you can be alerted when someone is at your door. No one wants to miss that important package or delivery you have been waiting for.

Intercom Installation and Repair in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania

Call Campbell Electric Service at (215) 548-0919 for intercom installation and repairs. Our electricians have the materials,experience and training necessary to provide intercom installation and repairs for your home or business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Intercom Advantages

The advantage of having an intercom system for your home or business means that you will always know who is there before opening your door or buzzing them in. It allows you to speak to the person prior to letting them in. We can install or repair single or multiple units depending on your needs.

Telephone System Installations & Repairs

For home or business, we can install additional telephone lines or repair the existing ones when you have the need.